California Express Pizza is the creation of a father and son who share a love of food and cooking.

In 2016 Yahya Akturk moved to Sacramento from his native Turkey, where he operated a bakery. He went into business with his son, Abdullah, who brings both management and culinary skills to California Express Pizza.

Yahya shares his own recipes for pizza dough and sauces, recipes he developed at his bakery. There he not only baked bread (widely famous for its deliciousness), but also made popular Turkish specialties quite similar to American pizza.

In time, those tasty Turkish pizzas, called pide (pronounced PEE-day) and lahmacun (pronounced lah-mah-JUNE), will make it on to the menu as specials.

For now, enjoy our excellent pizzas and other selections that are made fresh every day. Our father/son chefs thank you.